on my beliefs

If we’re going to do this whole “growing up” thing, we’re going to do it my way

There are a lot of things I don’t know right now. There are lot of open questions and a general uncertainty that can, at times, be overwhelming. With this in mind, I recently sat down to remind myself of all the things that I do know. This is the result:

I want…

  • to leave behind more than I take
  • to pursue meaning over happiness
  • to let my values and morals guide everything I do
  • to maintain my youthful idealism, optimism and imagination – even as my beard turns grey
  • to continue to be a cheerleader and remind people that they are wonderful (we don’t do it enough)

I never want…

  • to stop caring about this planet or all of the people on it
  • to work a standard 9-5 desk job
  • to let $, or what is “the norm” guide my decisions
  • to hold in an opinion for fear of how it will be perceived
  • to lose my faith in people and the incredible things they are capable of
  • to stop wearing my heart on my sleeve
  • to take the little things for granted; to be too busy to stop and watch the wind blow through the trees


Until next time.

Ambiguously yours,


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One thought on “on my beliefs

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