Oops. I just “shoulded” all over myself.

No Ordinary Ostrich

It was a beautiful August morning at the cottage; I was on vacation and the day was my oyster. Despite the calm water, sun reflecting off the lake, and warmth in the air, I couldn’t shake a terrible feeling of dread and frustration. It had been slowly gnawing at me for a few days, and finally gained the strength to take the wind out of my vacation sails. I complained to my Mom about this malaise, and she asked me where it was coming from. After some resistance, followed by reflection, I realized it was coming from some deep-rooted shoulds.

I should know what I want to do with my life coming out of this vacation. I should return to Toronto with a decision on my next life steps. I should know what I want already. It shouldn’t be such a hard decision. I should live a life of impact…

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