On Control

Life can feel like it has a mind of its own; it has its own predetermined story plot or script that has been written out, simply for you to follow it and play the part.  Basically, you feel like you are not in control.  This is a feeling most of us in our early and mid-twenties feel as we leave school… or maybe it’s just me.

And it is something to easily get trapped in telling ourselves that we are not in control and there isn’t much we can do.  What a load of bull.  Don’t get me wrong, I do this to myself too.  I probably fall into this trap more often than most of my peers… at least that’s what it seems like the majority of the time.  But sometimes, we only need reminders that we are the ones that choose what to do.

I had an interesting experience recently, where, due to my geographical location, couldn’t physically attend an all-day team meeting that I would have really liked to attend myself.  Instead, I participated through the magic of technology and cyber space.  In doing so, to be able to participate in the discussions and or to see what was going on, my wonderful team mates would take turns helping me write or helping me convey my opinions and responses.  Interestingly, being carried around via lap top, I felt helpless, and I wasn’t in control of anything for 8 hours (Well I went to the washroom when I needed… but you get what I mean I hope).

Being carried around and having people communicating on my behalf made me feel like I was a baby.  Literally a baby; a small infant that requires the parental figure to survive.  I actually laughed when I realized this hilarious situation I had found myself in.  But this also made me realize how silly it is, that as an adult, I felt like I had no control of my life, as if I had reverted back to being a child.  But that is the beauty of being a young adult, that I am no longer a mere child, that I’ve already gained the experience and wisdom to know how to take control back in my life or how to best face most of my problems.  There are of course instances to be wary about, such as financial restraints, family and relationship obligations, health issues, etc., but even in these seemingly restricting conditions, there are choices we can make and opportunities to change them and our present state.  Sometimes it takes a little push against those restraints, and maybe we will see that we are more in control of our lives than we give ourselves credit for.  Maybe we can start seeing ourselves sitting in the Director’s chair too once in a while.

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