A place for friends, colleagues and guests to explore, share and commiserate around the ambiguity that exists in making the transition from “University Life” to “Real People Life,” particularly in the social justice and non-profit sector. Our personal lives can be unclear and often times the work we devote ourselves to is even more unclear. The path to change creation is one marked by dead ends, forks in the road and “Oh shit where are we?!” moments. The hope is that by creating a space where we can all (and by “all” we do mean all – Far too often workers in this sector are siloed in their individual organizations. Let’s break down some walls, and spread some love) discuss these things, we’ll be able to share some learnings, warnings and advice in an attempt to make sense of the road before us…or, you know – to just stay sane.

Though Embracing Ambiguity is founded on the principle of community building, and as such we hope to routinely feature a rotating roster of guest bloggers, we do have a few more permanent contributors who keep things going:

Tyler is a graduate of the Peace and Conflict Studies program at the University of Toronto…which is unfortunate, because he hated it. Upon realizing this (i.e. during the first week of University) he embraced his creative side, and has been pursuing video production ever since. Tyler is currently working at Engineers without Borders Canada, supporting their Run to End Poverty campaign, while pursuing his own idea – The Storytelling Project – on the side. The Storytelling Project, in short, intends to use collections of personal stories to tell the wider stories of social change, of organizations and of movements. The wider goal of the project is to spark a sector wide shift away from the buzzword and statistic filled way in which organizations often talk about their work, to one that is more personal, approachable and, frankly, interesting.

Mica works with for-purpose teams in need of assistance, specializing in event planning, communications, and fundraising. She writes a monthly newsletter full of links to the world wide web and covers Canadian music for the blog Ride the Tempo. She’s a fierce feminist who believes a better world is possible.

Since graduating 10 months ago, Amy has visited 3 foreign countries, moved across Canada, lived in 4 different homes, and reported to 5 different bosses in 4 different jobs. Despite having been alive for approximately a quarter of her projected lifespan, she still has no idea what she wants to “do” with the other three quarters.

Jeff is currently finishing up his Masters degree at the University of Alberta in Environmental Engineering, where he completed his undergraduate degree in the same field and developed his interest in social change and social justice.  He is interested in many facets of social justice and loves just learning many things.  A quirky nerd and reader who loves the idea of altruism and kindness and its impact on the world.

Stefan is a born and raised Torontonian, who graduated from Environmental Studies and Philosophy at the University of Toronto. Currently, he splits his time between his work at U of T, as well as operating the Green Society Campaign, a non-profit environmental media group that aims to create easy to absorb and entertaining environmental information.

Michelle is a Montrealer currently working to fight climate change and empower citizens to take action across Canada. She studied Wildlife Biology at the McGill’s beautiful MacDonald campus where she fell in love with ecosystems, science writing and composting. She’s been lucky enough to explore environmental initiatives around the world, and can’t wait to apply and share some of that knowledge back home. When Michelle needs a break from trying to change the world, she writes, sings and enjoys the company of her beautiful, intelligent friends.

Ryan is a Psychology/Computer Science undergrad at Memorial University; searching for the complex intersection between psychology, design, globalization, sustainability, leadership, innovation, and humanity. Clumsy sense of humour. Might graduate some day. Maybe.

Molly is on the verge of finishing her undergraduate degree in something that has a ridiculously long name (Joint Specialist in Peace, Conflict and Justice and International Relations with a Minor in African Studies) and is venturing into the unknown world of work and life thereafter. Anything more concrete would only have to be edited in a few weeks time, but she is passionate about gender, post-conflict reconstruction, knowledge management and development.


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